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The credit is equal to the full cost of the equipment
up to the following caps: Natural gas, propane, or oil water heater which has either an energy factor of at least 0.82 or a thermal efficiency of at least 90 percent: $300. For more information, click here http://www.dsireusa.org/incentives/

Noritz tankless water heater advantages

BEST QUALITY When it comes to quality, Noritz takes no short cuts in producing the highest quality tankless water heaters. Unlike other manufacturers, Noritz does not outsource the main components of their heaters. They manufacture nearly 100% of the parts that go into their heaters. They even make the heat exchanger's copper tubing from raw copper. This allows Noritz to have the highest quality control of all the heater's parts and components. The high level of quality is an attribute of Just-In-Time (JIT) Production system. Noritz is the only tankless manufacturer to implement the JIT Production system. This system was invented by Toyota and only one company per industry is granted permission to use this super-efficient, quality control production system in Japan. How efficient is this manufacturing system? They can build and ship out heaters in the afternoon from orders that were processed in the morning.

BEST TECHNOLOGY Noritz is always at the forefront in tankless technology. They were the first in the world to offer ASME accredited tankless water heaters. They have the highest flow rates vs other tank-less water heaters in a comparable class.

They have the largest model selection, as well as being the only tankless manufacturer to offer boilers for heating applications. They offer true commercial grade copper (25% thicker) piping in our heat exchangers. They have the industry's first dual flame burners, which maximizes output, provides temperature stability, and maintains low emissions. They offer the largest multi-system capacity set-up available, 24 units @ 9.1 million btus producing 316.8 GPM.

BEST PERFORMANCE VALUE When you compare Noritz heaters in the same class with other tankless manufacturers, you'll quickly learn that Noritz is the better performing heater hands down! Because of the Noritz technology advantage, you will get a higher performance heater. A lot of competitors market their heaters based on the best scenario, and therefore state their heaters at its highest flow rate. Noritz heaters are rated on a more realistic scenario, so when you start comparing the maximum performance capacity, you'll find that Noritz has the best value based on performance.

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